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maldives island villa stella - dhoni stella maldives : dhoni stella is an exclusive liveaboard with two cabins only

Yacht and Cruises

Yacht made in Maldives
Cruising in Maldives started in the early 1970’s. Initially, toilets and bunk beds were built in fishing boats and used for cruising. The first cruises were mostly dive expeditions. In late 1980’s special vessels were built for cruising and in the early 1990’s vessels improved further with the construction of large motor-yachts of six or eight cabins with en-suite facilities and air conditioned, and with water-makers. However, the emphasis profused by the Maldivian industry to increase rapidly the number of floating beds, was not equally spent on the research of qualitative standard of design. Therefore the Maldives have seen the construction of several boats with improbable designs and average finishing. But, in the last years, the trend seemed to change. The recent arrival to the archipelago of the most prestigious international resorts chains enhanced the quality of the tourism offer and, consequently, stimulated the local boat building industry. The last-made yachts have fine finishing and more classic designs. Built on three bridges, with important spaces and innovative on-board services, such as the massage center, the last floating hotels ‘made in Maldives’ measure 100 and more feet and offer comfortable cabins with low beds, air conditioned and en-suite facilities. Although they are built in wood, many of them look like great fiberglass yachts. A new interesting initiative is creating a series of smaller boats, with only two cabins, with traditional design and elegant interior. They are luxury 70-feet mini-yachts, which combine the profile of the local boats with the comfort, the elegance and the efficiency of the modern yachts. Live-a-boards made to offer exclusive holidays, cruising though the Indian archipelago with few friends. 

Dhoni Stella Dhoni Stella is an exclusive dhoni stella maldives : dhoni stella is an exclusive liveaboard with two cabins onlyliveaboard with two cabins only, for four friends who wish to spend some days cruising in absolute freedom and privacy among the Maldivian atolls.  Dhoni Stella is a wonderful combination between antique and modern. In fact, it is the first liveaboard designed on the model of the legendary Kalhoufummi, the miraculous and fastest dhoni of the Maldivian hero, Mohamed Thakurufan, which escaped several times from the more equipped boats of the enemy, in occasion of the Portuguese invasion of the Maldives on the second part of XVI century. Dhoni Stella was largely built by using local wood and many details and finishing recall with simplicity and elegance the antique boat. Dhoni Stella is also a dhoni stella maldives : dhoni stella is an exclusive liveaboard with two cabins onlycomfortable and luxury boat which gives a special attention to the management of the resources. The individual air-conditioned, the flat TV with DVD in both the cabins, and all the other equipment on board are connected to the most modern and sophisticate battery system which recharges during navigation. Therefore, by night, the boat is completely silent with the total absence of noise and vibrations. The service on board is special and the food is excellent. The guests on board decide day by day with the captain very informally the routes of the cruises. The routes could start from Male or from any other point of the archipelago which can be reached by seaplane. All of this as per the wishes of the guests and per their favorite activities: diving, snorkeling, fishing or simply island hoping and sunbathing. For more details visit the official website of the yachts:

Thecnical Details
Year of construction: 2005. Length: 21 meters; with: 7 meters. Engine: Yanmar 210 Hp. Speed: 12/15 knots. The boat is followed by a motorized dingy for landing on the uninhabited islands and for the assistance at snorkeling and diving. Dhoni Stella hosts two double en-suite cabins, with air-conditioned and LCD TV with DVD player. On board: telephone, internet connection, desalination plant, first aid e oxygen. Four crew members.

Cultural Liveaboard
The cultural cruise was designed to combine together the discover of the local culture with a wonderful holiday in the bluest Maldivian sea. Villa Stella Maldive : isola di Dhangethi safari viaggio culturale atollo di Ari The cruise includes the visit to some cultural sites along the snorkeling and sunbathing on the finest beaches of Ari Atoll. The cruise also includes the visit of the island of Fenfushi, on the southern side of Ari Atoll, well known for the skills of its stone carvers, even though now only few are still involved in this art. Villa Stella Maldive : sculture maldiviane in pietra Carving coral stone is one of the oldest crafts practiced by Maldivians. During the pre-Islamic era, the Maldivians used coral stones to build temples and to make baths and wells and also to sculpt statues such as the statue of Buddha. The craft of stone carving flourished after the Maldives embraced Islam. Mosques and tombstones were beautifully carved with intricate symmetrical and floral designs, which show strong influences of Islamic art. Fenfushi’s mosque, built in the XVII century, is a beautiful example of such stone carving. A stone carved sundial and series of tombstones were also found around the mosque. The designs of the first Maldivian coins are carved on the entrance walls of the mosque. The cruise ends with a tour of the National Museum of Male. Many of the exhibits are things once owned by the sultans – clothing, utensils, weapons and a throne. Some of the fabrics are beautiful, especially the rich brocades. Excellent, traditional lacquer work is displayed on large bowls and trays used to bring gifts to the sultan. Especially interesting are the pre-Islamic stone carvings collected by Thor Heyerdahl and other from sites all over the country.

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