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maldives island villa stella - ribudhoo island the villa Useful Information

maldives island villa stella - ribudhoo island maldives island villa stella - ribudhoo island maldives island villa stella - ribudhoo island

Useful Information

At Villa Stella is always present a room attendant and a good chef, villa stella maldives : ribudhoo island south nilandhoo atollwho prepares for the guests of the villa a mix of local and western specialties. Also the daily trips to local islands and coral reef are guided by one of the staff of the villa.

What to Bring
As well as the clothing mentioned a part, for a stay at Villa Stella you might bring with you some insect repellents, sunscreen, lip balm and eye drops. It is important to bring your snorkeling gears since those are not available at the villa. Football or tennis shoes would be useful to be part of the sportive events of the island.

At Ribudhoo there are four dairy food shops.
villa stella maldives : ribudhoo island south nilandhoo atoll In the shops, all the ingredients of the local food are available. There are also some products such as pasta, peeled tomatoes, jam, honey, milk powder, eggs and other items including cosmetics and cigarettes. The shops have a limited selection of fresh products such as bread, fruits or vegetables. 

Drinks and Alcohol
There is a good selection of soft drinks available in the shops of the island, including some Coca-Cola products. At Ribudhoo, as in all the other inhabited islands of the Maldives, is strictly prohibit the use of any kind of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is only available in the tourist resorts and on the liveaboards.

Telefone and Internet
The range for mobile phones is good.
villa stella maldives : ribudhoo island south nilandhoo atoll Local SIM cards are available at the airport terminal and recharge cards are on sales in Ribudhoo shops. Wifi is available and it is free of charge. However the speed of the connection is quite low in the area around Ribudhoo. 

Satellite TV
Satellite television is available at Villa Stella with a selection of English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portugal channels.

villa stella maldives : ribudhoo island south nilandhoo atollOn the island of Ribudhoo there are two generators operating 24 hours a day. However, a torch (flashlight) can be useful. Electricity supply is from 220V to 240V, 50 Hz AC. The sockets of Villa Stella accept a plug with three-square pins.

On the inhabited islands only the Maldivian rufiya is accepted (US$ 1 about Rf. 15). There are no restrictions on changing money into rufiya, but there’s no need to change a lot. Rufiya are not readily negotiable outside the country. The best place to reconvert excess rufiya is at the bank counter at the airport.

Ensuring a supply of fresh water has always been imperative for small island communities. Rain water quickly soaks into sandy island soil and usually forms an underground reservoir of fresh water, held in place by a circle of salt water from the surrounding sea. The plumbing of Villa Stella is connected to this reservoir by a well. The potable rainwater is collected and stored from rooftop. One bottle of mineral water per day is offered free of charge to any guest of the villa.

You need a valid passport that is current for the duration of your stay.

Generally the year is divided into two monsoon periods: the northeast monsoon from November to April, which are dried months, and the southwest monsoon, from May to October, which are wetter months. However, heavy rains can fall at any time in the dry season and you can have clear sunny days in the middle of the wet. The average temperature is remarkably consistent throughout the year, ranging from 26°C to 32°C. Sea temperatures remain pretty constant around 28°C.

No alcohol, pornography, pork, narcotics, dogs, firearms, spear guns or idols of worship can be brought into the country. Export of turtle shell, turtle shell products or row coral is forbidden.

For reservations at Villa Stella, please contact: