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maldives island villa stella - dhoni stella maldives : dhoni stella is an exclusive liveaboard with two cabins only

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism and Culture
‘It is said that culture and tourism enjoy a symbiotic relationship. People travel for many purposes and what is termed cultural tourism remains a pivotal pillar on which this fastest growing industry in the world stands. Villa Stella Maldives : island of Ribudhoo South Nilandhoo atollCultural tourism is driven by peoples inherent desire to experience different ways of life, to see how other people live in environments different from their own, lifestyles expressed through a peoples’ arts, culture, architecture, traditions and religions […]. The art, music, dance and architecture of a people or community draw others from across the continents and over the seas and air lines, tourists for a day, a week or longer, looking for destinations where they can actually experience and learn about the way of life of the local people, the host community. Cultural tourism is a fast growing segment of the global tourist market and according to the World Tourism Organization, increasing at 15% per annum over the past decade. The importance of culture as a draw card for tourists is highlighted by the fact that over 60% of tourists see experience of culture as their reason for travel, a study by the European Commission revealed. […] For the international tourist, contact with cultures other than their own stimulates respect and understanding of the host’s culture and heritage, consequentially helping to promote peace and understanding among the diverse peoples of the world’. (Explore Maldives Magazine, 2002).

Tourism and Voluntary
There are many samples in the world where doctors and nurses act as volunteers to offer medical assistance to the local population where it is not available. This also is a type of tourism.

Responsible Tourism
Local villages away from tourist resorts are almost totally unaffected by contact with the outside world. Though most villages have acquired a telephone connection in the last few years, and radios and TV have been present for a while, in most of them the amount of personal contact is negligible. Those who are fortunate enough to travel and stay outside the resort islands should be especially careful to dress and behave appropriately, to avoid embarrassing their host. Those who spend time in a local village should be aware of a few more points:

Respect of the Muslim religion - Islam is the state religion, so be aware that prayer times take precedence over business and pleasure. Visiting a mosque requires long pants or a long skirt and no shoes. No one should have alcohol or pork outside tourist resorts 
Remove your shoes when you enter a house. - Slip-on shoes are easier than lace-ups, and thongs (flip flops) are easier than sandals.
Dress code - In the local villages, visitors should follow the common rules in terms of clothes. Men usually wear shorts and t-shirts during the day and long pants after sunset. Women always wear dresses below the knees and covering the shoulders and arms. Sunbathing with swimsuit is off course allowed on the boats, during the visits to the uninhabited islands, and in a private beach a few meters away from the villa.

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